CORE’s strategic finance services team creates long-term value for high-quality companies
by supplementing the strategic Chief Financial Officer (CFO) / Chief Investment Officer (CIO)


  • CORE STRATEGIC FINANCE SERVICES is a full-service finance team that works as a company’s finance team, supplementing the role of a strategic CFO/CIO role for a firm.
  • CORE prides itself on providing institutional quality advisory and execution capabilities through an experienced team of finance, accounting, and business professionals.
  • Our strategic services team aligns with select high-quality companies to create long-term value.


  • Corporate Strategy and Executive Thought Leadership

    CORE works closely with its client’s owners and executive management teams to create customized strategies and solutions while staying onboard to drive and oversee the execution.

  • Investment Underwriting Standards

    CORE creates standardized institutional quality underwriting approaches for its clients including creating financial models, research processes, comparable analyses, sensitivity and scenario analyses to drive sound underwriting.

  • Financial Planning and Analysis

    CORE helps its clients institutionalize its FP&A and corporate modeling processes.

  • Risk Mitigation and Cost Reduction Strategies

    CORE collaborates with clients to assess and mitigate risks within the current construct.

  • Investor Relations and Reporting

    CORE creates customized investor reporting solutions for its clients and then updates and monitors such reporting as needed.

  • Acquisitions & Joint Venture Formation

    On behalf of its clients, CORE oversees the needs of the acquisition lifecycle. This includes underwriting, negotiating, and closing on acquisitions and Joint Ventures.