CORE’s high-touch bespoke advisory services give real estate developers and investors access to a personalized, institutional finance team.

CORE can build a personalized
scope that includes any combination of the services below based on clients’ needs.

  • Strategic Vision

    Assist client in crafting a strategic vision by leveraging our industry expertise and knowledge.

  • Sourcing

    Identify expansion markets, asset classes, and properties to build on our client’s goals and strategies.

  • Underwriting

    CORE creates standardized institutional quality underwriting tools for its clients including financial models, research processes, comparable analyses, sensitivity, and scenario analyses to drive sound underwriting.

  • PSA & Seller Negotiations

    Negotiate on behalf of the client’s best interest and work to achieve the most desirable outcome. Negotiations of price, key deal terms, and any other factors.

  • Financial Planning and Analysis

    CORE creates bespoke FP&A tools that help principals make business decisions including financial models that “update to actual,” portfolio-level analyses, cash flow tools, etc.

  • DD & Closing

    Lead the closing and due diligence process:

    a) Lead and manage the data room

    b) Manage third-party vendors and other long-lead items

    c) Integration and transition post close

  • Portfolio Strategy & Asset Management

    Post-Close, CORE reports on assets and identifies opportunities to create value, reduce expenses, and grow cashflow.

  • Investor Relations and Reporting

    CORE creates customed investor and internal reporting for its clients that are updated on a quarterly or monthly basis.