Finance Solutions

As a legal professional, you’ve created a business environment for clients to leverage your firm’s knowledge as its trusted legal resource. Your legal expertise helps clients navigate the legal intricacies of life, business, and estate matters. As you expand from solo practitioner to founding partner and beyond, CORE Advisory Partners helps your firm navigate the financial complexities of financing solutions. The CORE team will structure financing that enables you to buy or refinance real estate and/or expand your current office; enabling you to better serve your clients. CORE’s goal is to provide strategic finance and lending expertise that creates timely and predictable results .

Project Situations

  • Real Estate
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Acquisition
  • Expansion
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Debt Refinancing

As the world grows and changes, your firm wants and needs to stay ahead of the ever-changing legal landscape. CORE Advisory Partners arranges financing through an extensive network of nationwide lenders, and the ability to shop and compare lenders enables you to get the timeliest, most cost-effective financing terms available. CORE’s dedicated team of finance professionals will partner with you to understand your unique needs and goals. This knowledge helps us collectively structure and negotiate loan terms that help you accomplish your business’s mission.

Benefits of CORE

Personal Service

Dedicated Team of Finance Professionals

Network of Nationwide Lenders

Specialized and Extensive Loan Structure Options

Flexible Requirements

Proficient & Clear Approval Process

Law Firm Lending

Law firms face unique challenges, specifically, operating expenses. Depending on the firm’s fee structure, waiting for uncertain settlements and accounts receivable payments may not provide a steady or predictable cash flow to operate, not to mention expanding a firm. Legal practice lending is a solution that firms can utilize to help transform their business cash flow.


Expanding or purchasing commercial real estate
As your legal practice grows, you may want to expand your firm’s existing office, acquire or construct a larger office location. Both can come with countless costs, including acquisition of real estate, building construction, tenant improvements, hiring of staff, and purchasing of new equipment. Legal practice lending can finance all these needs.


Grow your law firm faster with law firm financing
Your firm’s growth depends on what resources you have available to scale your business. CORE’s financing solutions provide the funds required to invest in real estate, add staff, build a virtual law firm, and more.


Improve your law firm’s cash flow
Your firm requires consistent cash flow for hiring, marketing, and client intake/acquisition. Dependable cash flow is also essential for growing your firm; pausing marketing campaigns and other business operations due to cash flow issues will create detrimental effects on your future business. Working lines of credit help your firm by ensuring you have sufficient funds to maintain revenue-generating activities.


Reduce financial risk for your law firm
With high revolving interest rates commonly found in credit cards and many lines of credit, payment terms can jeopardize your firm’s financial future. Financing secured by real estate or receivables is a much more financially-prudent choice.

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