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Securing business and/or SBA financing can be a daunting task for decision makers with the abundance of misinformation across multiple web and media platforms; not to mention the many traditional bank financing offers that never seem to materialize. No matter your industry, the “cost of doing business” can be great and your ability to create a financially feasible path is crucial to long-term success. CORE Advisory Partners’ team of financial and lending professionals work on the client’s behalf to arrange a clear and timely path to securing financing.

Project Situations

  • Real Estate
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Acquisition
  • Expansion
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Debt Refinancing

The financing of your business venture requires a lending expert with attention to detail. By partnering with CORE Advisory Partners, you’ll be working with a professional strategic finance team whose goal is to arrange financing solutions that are most advantageous to you. CORE Advisory Partners sources financing from a network of nationwide lenders to create loan terms that work best for your needs, working as quickly and directly as possible. With CORE, you’re dealing with individuals just like you, not big banks with impersonal online portals.

Benefits of CORE

Personal Service

Dedicated Team of Finance Professionals

Network of Nationwide Lenders

Specialized and Extensive Loan Structure Options

Flexible Requirements

Proficient & Clear Approval Process

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Expanding or purchasing commercial real estate
As your business grows in size and scope, you may need to expand the space your business utilizes, or you may be ready to open another location to scale your capacity. Both can come with numerous costs, including acquisition of real estate, building construction, tenant improvements, hiring of staff, and purchasing of new equipment. Business and SBA lending can finance all these needs.


Working capital
Working capital refers to the funds used to run your business on a day-to-day basis. As your business needs funds to bridge account receivable gaps, such as payroll, lease or loan payments, and unforeseen immediate needs, working capital lines of credit are a great solution. Below are examples of the types of Secured Operating Lines of Credit that CORE can arrange on your behalf:
a. Accounts Receivable Lines
b. Inventory Secured Lines
c. Real Estate Secured Lines
d. General Business Asset Lines


Purchasing inventory
Another use for Business and SBA lending is stocking up on inventory and other supplies necessary for your business to be a success. This form of business financing allows you to buy inventory as needed to meet demand, without putting any unnecessary pressure on your business cash flow.


Equipment and fixtures can be one of the largest expenses associated with operating a successful business. Business and SBA lending gives you a path to purchase or upgrade your equipment and fixtures as needed. For example, you might use a loan or lease to purchase everything from basic items like computers, software, or even security systems to more specialized manufacturing construction equipment.


Startup costs
Starting a business for the first time comes with an extensive list of expenses often overlooked. Hiring and training of staff, providing your office with equipment and supplies, paying for marketing and advertising, covering the initial costs of leasing, and acquiring real estate or constructing a new office are only a few costs. Business and SBA lending can provide the path to finance these expenditures and many others.


Acquiring a business
Acquiring an existing practice is an alternative to starting from scratch. As business owners retire or exit the market, they are often willing to sell their established practices. Business and SBA lending provides the financing necessary to purchase an existing established business.


Refinancing business debt
If you already have loans associated with starting, growing, or acquiring a business, refinancing these loans could save you money and time. With a new loan, line of credit, or lease at a lower rate, you will be able to streamline your payments and reduce the overall cost of your debt.

Types of SBA loans

Small Business Administration loans and lines of credit were created to bridge the gap between expensive debt and traditional lending sources. There are several governmental small-business loans available — each with its own terms and conditions. The best SBA loan for you will depend on the project you are funding.

Below summarizes of the most common types of SBA loans:


The 7(a) Loan Program, SBA’s most common loan program, provides multiple financing solutions for small businesses:

  • Long-term and short-term working capital
  • Revolving funds based on the value of existing inventory and receivables
  • The purchase of equipment, machinery, furniture, fixtures, supplies, or materials
  • The purchase of real estate, including land and buildings
  • The construction of a new building or renovation of an existing building
  • Establishing a new business or assisting in the acquisition, operation, or expansion of an existing business
  • Refinancing existing business debt, under certain conditions


The CDC/504 Loan Program provides long-term, fixed rate financing for major fixed assets that promote business growth and job creation:

  • Existing buildings or land
  • New facilities
  • Long-term machinery and equipment

Or the improvement or modernization of:

  • Land, streets, utilities, parking lots and landscaping
  • Existing facilities

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